About Us

Medical Web started in 1996 as a web development company. As the Internet grew, we saw how its power could be harnessed to bring health care conveniently and confidentiality to patients on their terms. We started building a national physician and pharmacy network to facilitate treatment for minor, non-emergent conditions where the treatment plan can include a prescription.

In 2006, we branched into alternative medicine and started a company called Vital Health Network. That company is currently implemented with Aetna, Inc and connects patients with physicians who offer a treatment plan for healthy living without any prescriptions. For example, someone who is struggling with insomnia can receive healthy advice from a physician about how to get to sleep without taking a sleeping pill.

In 2007, when the soldiers started returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with mental health issues, it seemed natural to use the power of the Internet to help eliminate the major barriers to accessing mental health treatment, especially for this patient population where the perceived stigma is high and the access is limited. We started a company called COPE Today, and our first implementation was with the North Carolina National Guard. Today, we are proud to be working with the Wounded Warrior Project and have formed a non-profit called COPE Foundation to offer free mental health services to service members and their families.

In 2011, we focused on improving our platform and now offer direct access to physicians and mental health counselors via live chat, secure messaging, the telephone, and video conference in one integrated, user-friendly system. We have now combined all of our companies to bring you access to multiple physicians under one umbrella.

We call our platform CARE because we are Creating a Revolutionary Experience by seamlessly integrating multiple types of providers who can collaborate together for the benefit of your care. And we have more plans for you by bringing you communities where you can experience the social networking aspect of your condition but seek treatment too.